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· Entrepreneurship : advices from my experience in Prestige Hijab


Did I know I want to be an entrepreneur? No.

First advice, don’t start from the idea wanting to be an entrepreneur.

This may seems weird to you when I said it! Its okay I will explain!

Lets back to when I start my business, I did make my first design 3 years ago, (the summer of 2015).I remember perfectly that summer, I did finish school, I had no traineeship, I was doing nothing, I hated it! I wondered what in the world I want to do with my life, we always ask ourselves this question, am sure you did ask yourself the same question! So NORMAL, so human.

I didn’t know what to do! So the best advice I can give you about this is to keep trying new things!

I did try to write before fashion design, I write anything from my journals to making up stories, I tried cooking, I tried painting, even a little of photography and then I tried making clothes!

I loved the idea of making something from nothing and call it mine!

I start by watching YouTube tutorials, I WAS IN LOVE. I wake up before anyone at home so I can design and finish my design at night then wear it the next day! People will ask me: where you bought it? It’s unique, I answer proudly with a little ego: I made it myself.

OH! How I love it!

1. So first advice is START FROM YOUR PASSION!

It’s No way you will stay doing what you are doing if you don’t have a true passion for it. Sometimes the routine can have the best of us! You just take a rest but DONT give up!

If you did choose entrepreneurship to make money, then bye bye dear friend, you won’t stay for a long time before changing your project to another or worse giving up!

Its damn hard I promise you! you will have to invest yourself totally to make your project move, you will stop going out with friends, you won’t have enough sleep, you will work 15 hours a day sometimes, a lot of physical work, a lot of fast food, for me who is still studying I need to make double efforts to make balance between school and business, you will borrow money from others, you will have the stress of paying them back, you will work the whole month 8 hours a day however at the end you will have 0 DH to pay yourself, you can’t buy new clothes just to save money, you will fight with your partners, and a lot more….

Believe me if you don’t have passion for it you will give up!

2. Every idea in your mind, already someone else is working on it!

Don’t spend your time looking for new idea, there is no such a thing!

All ideas had been used by someone already, I do fashion design that was there for thousand years, what you are adding to it is the “new idea”!

By that I mean, you must add your way, your creativity to the idea you are working on, it will take a time but you must look for it, no one will help you on that, only you who must bring it to your business! Its make all the difference.

3. Even if no sees your efforts ALLAH (GOD) will see them

I live by this quote!!!!

my first 4 months in PH were hell, I was working by myself no partners, I did everything from design to shooting to delivery, I remember last March, one day I had no money to pay back the fabrics and the design I did put on selling no one did buy it, that day it was rainy I went to home crying under rain thinking no one will see my tears since its rainy (me being dramatic) I still remember saying this to myself : even if no one sees your efforts ALLAH will see them!!

I swear I don’t know how things did work for me back then, until I find myself paying all the costs (it was a lot of money trust me!!) and have more money to make a new collection! Hamdulilah.

4. Don’t compare yourself with others

I mean you will have to watch what others are doing and read a lot about other brands, I do it too. However you should know that you are in the first step don’t try to jump to the 10 step to be in the same level as others, YOU JUST CANT! The 9 steps are your growth space to be yourself not to copy others! In those 9 steps you will meet inspiring people, you will face challenges, you will grow, you will help others, you will add your values to your brand/business, you will get to change things, why in the world you will want to be like others, you will only invest yourself in negativity wanting what others have, let me tell you that what they have they did work super hard for it, it’s your time to add some value to your work and accept that 9 steps, don’t push it!!

5. Make a plan

Make a planning for your daily tasks, this is one of the mistakes I used to do, I thought I don’t need it, I know what I want to do each day, but no! Things can go out of your hands most of times believe me, you must have a plan to make it clear. When I don’t write what I want to do I keep worrying all time, thanks to my lovely partner M.! He said to me:Fatima you must write your worries/tasks to give peace to your brain! OMG how he was right! Its frees you guys! Now I can’t start my week or day without an action plan! YOU MUST MAKE ONE FOR YOU.

6. You can’t build a business by yourself

You need to choose wisely your partners but first you need to have a clear vision for your business so you will know who to choose!

Back in 2015 I had a “brand” you can call it a testing brand, with my dear friend K. she was and still one of my best friends, we worked together on this brand for 6 months almost at the end we find out we have two different vision for the brand so we naturally ended everything, and each one of us started her own brand the way she wants, if we didn’t know our vision we will end up probably fighting and hating our work! It’s your job to find a vision for your business that works for you!

7. Don’t be shy and show your business

I remember one friend said this to me “are you comfortble talking about your brand to others?” he added “normally people don’t say anything until things totally working for them”. I answered him: “I was shy at first for one reason, what others will think of my work?”

I was afraid of judgment!

For our culture it’s better to hide things until they work out for you then show it to people, so if it didn’t work out no one will know about it anyway. I think this comes from the fear of failure, so what if things didn’t work out! You simply move on into new things, learn from the past it’s necessary!

People will always keep talking, but at least you were investing your time on something you love and worked hard for it, it’s better than following what society is telling you without any passion for your job.

By sharing your work people will relate to you will want to hear from you and even support your business which will only add value and create opportunities for your business to grow.

I choose to call my 2018 a fearless year. Just sharing with you this blog is already a huge scary step for me but am doing it anyway. So you can do it too!

8. Entrepreneurship it’s a learning process

Ask yourself what your business needs? For me its needs more Marketing and commercial efforts, I will read about other brands Marketing and learn how to add my values to it then create a process. All this needs each day a new learning about Marketing.

Entrepreneurship is not about selling, as we all know it’s a lifestyle, it will let you discover yourself (the deep side of Entrepreneurship) .you will know what am talking about once you are truly honest about your business.

Keep the leaning is the key for success!

9. Take a REST

I always say this SUNDAY IS MY DAY.

After along week of working, I go to my bed for rest, or go out to see friends or shopping, or watch a movie, or dancing on my favorite KPOP songs, or even write my posts that I looooove .

I do anything that seems fun to me. (PH work is done! Like if doesn’t exist.)

I know how it’s hard to not think of your brand when you are resting, believe me it’s a matter of time until you get used to it! While am writing you this right now, I have to find away to pay a lot of money to people I work with for the next week, I don’t have it! But I don’t care it’s my SUNDAY FUN DAY. Enjoy it guys.

10. Leave it in ALLAH hands = توكل

My last advice and the most important is to leave it to ALLAH, after all your success or failure is in his hands we only make reasons for it to happen, no matter how hard things can be ,believe me when I say ALLAH plans are the best!

Accept this concept and your heart will be in peace all time.

I have a lot to say about surrendering to ALLAH I will give more details about this topic on my next posts. Promise!

So yeah that’s it!!

Yeeeey Hamdulilah I did finish my first blog ever.

I hope it’s was beneficial for anyone reading it, if it does do share it with anyone who may relate to this topic.

Don’t forget to share with me your thoughts about how you find my first blog! Am here to learn from you too.

I totally enjoyed every minute of these 3 hours while am writing you this blog.

End of the blog, its 18H50–7/1/2018.

See you on my next one Insha’Allah. GOD BLESS

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